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Taxi Staffing Service is an accredited training school, located close to public transport in Richmond. Our experienced management team will guide you through the 115 hour course (approximately 9 days), and help you to get the experience you need to have you out and working as soon as you've finished. Upon successful completion of the course we can even supply you with a taxi to drive.

You will receive direct access to operating taxis, see how a working depot operates and experience the industry in a "hands on" fashion. Experience all of this in a well equipped training facility in the largest depot in Melbourne.

Not all of our course is in the classroom. We will take you driving through Melbourne's streets as well as Melbourne Airport to ensure you are familiar with the road conditions and can navigate your way through Melbourne's suburbs. We understand it can be a bit confusing, so with our guidance we are hoping to make it less challenging for beginners.


Course Information & Fees

The course is completed over 9 days full time.
For all information on fees please call Taxi Staffing staff on (03) 9429 5244.

Throughout the Course you will learn about:

• The Taxi Industry - Planning and Navigating Routes
• Customer Service
• Identifying Landmarks
• Financial Transactions and Records - Safety and Security Procedures
• Dispatch System - Driving a Cab
• Structure of the taxi industry

Click here to download the Driver Accreditation Course Outline (PDF, 255KB)

Click here to download the 2013 Course Dates (PDF, 63KB)

Click here to view Training Information on 'how to become a taxi driver'

After you have successfully complete the Course in Taxi Driving applicants must:

• Get their Taxi Driver Training Passport endorsed by the registered training organisation
• Pay the Driver Accreditation fee.

Note: If you have not had your Victorian Driver's Licence for 6 months you will need to pass an
individual driving assessment. We can help you with this.

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